LG » *crickets*
jennifern » Anyone know when Bluefly is doing their next sweepstakes? I see that LuxCouture has a sweepstakes for a Giorgio Brato handbag at http://www.luxcouture.com/sweepstakes/ Any other good sweepstakes ou
jennifern » Anyone know when Bluefly is doing their next sweepstakes? I see that LuxCouture has a sweepstakes for a Giorgio Brato handbag at http://www.luxcouture.com/sweepstakes/ Any other good sweepstakes ou
Xeideus » I remember this place...
loz » me too, LG (08-28-06). I saw Diz's dream place resurrected briefly a few months ago, until he hid it again. that's about it. x
Lost-Girl » funny that i'm actually here checking up, anyone hear from diz?
Bellatrix » ... these were the days, indeed.
loz » diz, if you read this... hope you're okay. hello to everyone else too, hope all's well in every possible world. xo
winstoN » ah, these were the days...
Dr. God » We all were.
Merrydeath » i wonder what has happened...*sighs* i was so excited about this, too.
LG » i'm getting impatient. this really isn't going to get done, is it?.. if there's anything i can do to help, ever, let me know.
wanting to add » Diz came back? Does he have a blog that we can read? Oh how I love his words.
rush » hello everyone
rush » hello guys
Winston » *checks watch*
lost-girl » still waiting.. still no news from dizzy? aw poo.
shoulder » I'm really sorry. I don't know. I didn't know he was back....i suppose there are a lot of expectations floating around here. ack. well...i'll let you know if i ever hear anything about it.
nalathil » so is this project dead in the water?
firepixie » he was back, and now he's gone again. i'm sad, upset.. frustrated.. why? cuz i miss him, cuz i got my hopes up and because i dont know whats going on. but i really hope he's ok - i'm worried too.
Bellatrix » curse him and yet...best wishes all at the same time. grr. arg.
LG » i miss dizzy... ive emailed him but he hasnt answered. this whomps. he started this blogs of beauty thing, and now were all left hanging..
anon » its better to burn out than to fade away
firepixie » oops.. i got a card from him - snail mail. (horrible memory)
firepixie » i got an email from him about a week ago - didnt say much.. but at least i know he hasnt totally disappeared.
Bellatrix » im actually getting a little worried...
firepixie » im disappointed in diz. it makes me incredibly sad. i know hes doin his own thing, but hell. . . i friggin miss him.
shoulder » i'm sorry, everybody - no news from the diz camp. as soon as i know something, you will. i'm disappointed, but all is not lost; fingers crossed xxx
loz » hello BoBers. just wondering if there's any news that can be shared, at this point. hope all are well. x
loz » hello BoBers. just wondering if there's any news that can be shared, at this point. hope all are well. x
c.inc. » wow!....I might be a little late in this discussion but I just wanted to say GREAT!
Bellatrix » very...VERY good question.
greensleeves » hey, there, i know i've been absent lately, but i was just wondering if anybody knows how distribution of BoB will come about...
shoulder (from BoB) » thanks lyly - will be deleting the li'l fucker right this minute!
Lyly » dont' click on the 'georg' name. it's a spambot!!
Dr. God » E-mail me when you've chosen what of mine is possibly going to be in the book. And by the way, come back to us, Diz!!!
Lost-Girl » FINALLY a new post! on a sidenote.. i miss Diz
Diz » And now here is some light music....
Diz » Then again, this is a labor of love and all deadlines are self-imposed - by ME! So hang onto your patience just a little longer, purleeze!
Diz » I offer my most profound thingies for the lack of progress... due solely to a whole bunch of life issues that have been happening of late...
Diz » Hmm.. what version of Quark do you have, Winston?
Winston » not as a replacement you understand, merely gruntwork. I'm good at grunting
shoulder » I'm really sorry about the delays..I'll get on to Diz soon. There's only so much I can do without him around. in the meantime, submission form still very much open!
Bellatrix » Right. I think it's time for an update. It's been about one month too long.
Sleepy » hello. I like the concept you have going on blog books
wailfulrhyme » is it too late to submit stuff? i might have something left that i didn't delete.
shoulder » merrydeath - I'm sure it is, just use the submissions form as normal with a little note saying it's for revisions. danny, it is, just had some delays. news when it arrives!
danny » is this project still on the go? there hasn't been much activity going on recently?
Merrydeath » Is it possible to re-submit what I sent you guys? Went through it last night and found some things I'd like to change? **Puppy eyes**
shoulder » busyness happening in the real world..updates and movement soon, hopefully..hang in there!
Doc' » Let me know if you're interested in aan avenue to assist you to sell online. For review I'm at http://hvsm.com
LG » *wah* whines for an update...
Ashley » hey um, i was just curious if one of you would check out my page and tell me whether i'm worthy of submitting a form to join. thanks
Bellatrix » Good to know.
Diz » Hey folks, a little behind schedule with things but work is progressing.... patience!
Merrydeath » It's fine, don't worry. Just wondering should I send again?
shoulder » I'm not quite up to speed, I've been away since the 2nd...apologies..
Merrydeath » OK, I know I sent you guys some stuff...Did you get it? Let me know ASAP so I can send it again if you didn't. Thanks much.
Dr. God » That gives me an idea. Send me everything I just sent to you back to me so I can create a record of everything. That would be much easier rather than trying to find everything all over again.
Dr. God » Sometimes I feel like gathering up all of my own stuff that I've submitted and throwing it into a scrapbook of my favorites rather than having it lying around my blog in random inaccessable places.
Dr. God » I submitted some more. Send me an e-mail and all that jazz when you recieve it. Thanks.
Bellatrix » add maggie grace to the roll-call, btw. just making sure cuz i dont know if you got her stuff. and she deserves to be a part of this, great writer.
Gob » *Chirping, Smiling, Tripping , Flying; The fleglings alight from the nest* *When the sun rides over the horizon ,they'll be ready to face the test * \m/
Bellatrix » just dropping a *tag* and wondering why the hell one of these people is a part of this friggin' thing... grr... nvm... ill get over it...
theoneaodave » Can you submit multiples?
criedmeout » dear wonderful blogs of beauty crew, i have no idea which entries to submit. i even have some drafts that might look pretty in your book. someone help me choose please?! *desperate plea for help*
Anjelle » Just F.Y.I. my addy changed. Don't panic! LoL
shoulder » hahaha...Monica, I hadn't even thought of that...*wicked grin*
Monica... » yeeees, but we're so good at sucking! *snort*
Gob » ..Who besides having no identity, take a nasty pleasure in war of flames? Get your act together ye dark-age no-"nAME" John Doe, Why don't ye grow some character and think before ye Crow ?!
Gob » *Queries* Oh who might ye be, nameless creepy nAME ?, Ye didn't leave an address even , that is pretty lame !Or are ye one of those killjoy 15th century dames?...
shoulder » oooo...I'm scared.
Gob » *In my inbox came knocking your confirmation & receipt,* *So what is the verdict ? Is it ugly or worse, decrepit !*
BoB admin » woah..I tried to delete only one, but they both went..sorry, Gob!
Gob » Oh damn , my entry is in double ! Can't figure out how to delete the other one *scratches head and shuffles toes* Chants: Oh dear guestbook make the 2nd go away, Banish it with an annihilating ray!
Yen » This is an incredible idea. What does one have to do to join in?
Deanna » er . . . book?
Deanna » Another question: How do we know if we make the grade?
diz » Deanna <-- it means we've received your stuff.. perhaps we should change it to something less insectoid.
Deanna » Please tell me what the {tick} next to my name means. Talk about monkey on your back.
diz » *sigh* Time for another little update... and my head is killing me...
Fire-Eyes » Ok when is submission due date? And I e-mailed you guys but got now answer!! DIZ HELP!!
diz » Post-It: Started the template for the prototype.. Curse those American inches! HUGE thanx to everyone who's submitted so far, you're all fugging amazing!
Deanna » Wow. Ok. I feel better.
Carebear » Sounds like a very good idea..
Christina. » Sounds very interesting.
shoulder » Diz gets them, Dr G - I get them sent on later. one of us will definitely get in contact. it's all going so well! *grin*
Dr. God » I just submitted eight different pages through the submission form as to not make it too overwhelming. E-mail me after you read them.
Bellatrix » Hola everybody! Just feeling like I should tag this page, haven't in a while. ...TAG!
<3 Kimmi » Coooooool blog community.
Deanna » Dearest loves, I will work on something, just for you.
diz » It's all going good... wheeeee!
nalathil » i hope the project is going well. i just submitted via the form some blog entries.
interval » I submitted 4. Yeah!
.:: Jos ::. » o.O ohhhh poetry
Phases » <3
shoulder » boootiful, diz *silly grin*
diz » Submissions form is dun! Do I hear applause?
shoulder » if you email with submissions, please please put your blog address on it so that I don't go insane trying to work out who you are! cheers