Entry: Prototype in the pipe Friday, July 16, 2004

Just had this back from CafePress:

... We recommend a dpi of no more than 600 for the contents and 300 for the covers. We print the contents in greyscale and the covers can be full color. We do not provide details about our printing methods to the public at this time. Text and such needs to be provided in black only. We can print to the edge, you are setting the margins prior to uploading the pdf to our server.

Have a great day!

Thanks, I will.

Yay, edge-to-edge printing. Stand by for some evil typography.

Hmmm... They print the mono pages in greyscale. That sounds vaguely encouraging as we want to include sketches and such. I'll spare you the techie details but this thing needs to be done RIGHT. Looks like I'm gonna have to make a mock-up book with sample pages, buy a copy and have it mailed over. That's the only way I can be SURE that our delicious designs will come out good. So bear with me on that. At least now I have some submissions to get my teeth into! : )))

Keep sending stuff folks... {and a special ooze of welcome to xaos, with red carpets and stoopid editorial grins}

More news soon. If yr not getting these updates via email, tie yourself to our mailing list immediately via the Register button. Or else complain. I'm taking the flak for this baby, heh heh.


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