Entry: Peeking behind the scenery Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The BoB folder now contains 130 text files. And there's plenty more to come.

If you haven't submitted anything yet, don't fret. We'll let you know when the deadline approaches... At a wild guess I'd say 2 or 3 weeks. Then you can start to fret.

We had an editorial meeting last week. Sample pages were scrutinised and ideas whipped into shape with much excitement.

The demo book is nearly ready. It's not for public consumption, being mostly page after page of hastily tossed typefaces and scruffy pics. We need to see how far we can push the limits of a sweating digital press. Once the demo is in our eager grasp, book design can begin in earnest.

It's all going good.


August 16, 2004   07:37 PM PDT
Errr...I finally submitted stuff...Like on Saturday; did you guys get it? I hope so. Somebody, leave a tag on my blog. Thanks much. You guys are all amazing...Much love.

Maggie Grace
August 11, 2004   06:36 PM PDT
I'm trying to fill out the submission form, but I can't get it to open up (hmm...so your submission form is a man). Anyway, please check out my blog at maggiegrace.blogdrive.com. I'd love to submit some stuff. You can e-mail me at maggiegraceblog@yahoo.com. I got your address from Bellatrix. Thank you!
Dr. God
August 4, 2004   04:04 AM PDT
E-mail me with everything of mine that you decided to choose for the book.


Thanks! =D
August 3, 2004   07:04 PM PDT
*claps hands together gleefully*

*remembers he's a man, and not supposed to do that kind of thing*

*Clears his throat and grunts manfully*

*runs and hides*

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