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-- blogs of beauty...a scrapbook of fragments of beautiful people.--

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"If we lived on the same street, in the same state, we could terrorize the neighborhood with our poetry and scream metaphors into their mailboxes and leave inspiring quotes tucked under their windshield wipers." - Firepixie

Sunday, July 04, 2004
The Beauty Bunch

"And to each their allotted tasks were assigned..."

Co-Editor, Writer, Public Relations Director, Human Resources Manager, Cartwheels and Inspiration.

Co-Editor, Writer, Typesetting and Design, Technicalities and person wot thought up this mad idea in the first place.

Lost Girl
Writer, Inspiration and Enthusiam Team Leader, Cookie Procurement.

Writer, Creative Possibilities Manager, 2nd Tier Administration, Unfailing Encouragement.

... updates to this list as and when....

Posted at 12:32 am by Diz
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Friday, July 02, 2004
You gotta submit

Here's the Blogs of Beauty Submissions Policy - subject as always to the whims and foibles of editorial perversity.

1} All writing is welcome. Poetry, prose, thoughts, tales, rants, delights... Ideally you'll be submitting stuff that has already been (or could be) posted to your blog - but this isn't a hard and fast rule. We want to capture the flavour of you. Because we adore you.

2} Style guide? There isn't one. Please don't conform to any imagined notion of what 'being published' means. Treat this book as an extension of your blog; words spilling off the screen and onto paper. We are looking for honest emotion; raw feeling, sculpted love, bitter beauty... Insights, revelations, ideas, confusions, heartbeats, rage, joy... Chances are, you KNOW exactly what we mean - because you are already there.

3} Length? Not a clue, up to you. But in keeping with the scrapbook idea, we'd prefer a fistful of short entries to a sprawling epic. This is not a short story competition and there are no rules except those you impose upon yourself. (A single sentence may take pride of place on an otherwise blank page!) So rummage through your trunk and pluck out some goodies. One is okay, a few is good; lots is doubleplusgood. The more pieces you send, the more pieces of this puzzle we'll have to play with.

4} Editorial perogative? You guessed it, we ain't got none. We will NOT, under any circumstances, edit, alter or mess with your writing in any way. We don't have that right. Needless to say, we will not censor - and in the unlikely event that we choke on a word or phrase, we will talk to you about it. (We MAY correct a blatent spelling mistake, but don't count on it. Check your own damn spelling!)

5} Format? Hmmm... That's open house. Emails cut-n-pasted from your blog, Word documents, Mac-ridden text files. The high and mighty may even send us Quark documents or PDFs. If fonts or layout are important to you, tell us and we will try to respect your desires. (Note: Poetry will be typeset as closely as possible to your original - because all poems have a shape...)

5a} Images of you..? We're hoping to be able to include graphics and stuff too. Depends on the Cafépress print process. Line art (solid black/white) is definitely okay, but we're waiting to hear if greyscale and shading will come out nicely or just create a horrible splodge. Stay tuned for that one.

6} Copyright? Is yours. We don't own nuffin; your words are your words - and this book is yours too. Feel free to include any disclaimers or copyright statements; we'll plop them on a page, no problem. Just covering all bases here - we have no major plans for world domination at this time.

7} About the author? It's not mandatory, but it would be cool to include brief biogs of all our contributors. Probably at the end of the book.. or the beginning.. or even in the middle... (*getting design ideas here, ummm..*) ... So consider writing a few words about yourself (or cut-n-paste from your blog profile). Could be truth, could be lies, doesn't matter. It's YOU. Oh, and if you're into SP (Shameless Publicity), we'll be happy to include your web address, email, PO Box number or whatever, as part of your profile thing.

8} What have I forgotten?

9} Ready to submit? Go HERE to send us your delicious stuff.

And... thank you. :)

Posted at 11:23 pm by Diz
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Thursday, July 01, 2004
Five Alive and Decisions

Seems to be five of us right now. Just enough to make a hand. Greetings and welcome and good things - and please keep checking back here cos we'll be needing your input on certain things. This is self-publishing - and you are one of the selfs, k?

(Um, it might be handy if all prospective and confirmed writers signed up for the notifications thing on the left. Then you'll get email when we have an update. I think... Um... yeh..)

One of the first things we need to do (apart from sorting this damn blog out with explanations and blah) is to settle on a format for the book. Size, shape, binding. All else follows from that. We have two choices for binding: paperback or wire spiral bound (see demo pic). Personally I favour the wirey idea; it's VERY appropriate, a little unusual, and means that no-one will get creased. But if the majority prefer paperback, I'll backpeddle. Vote!

Size IS important. And in this case, larger costs no more than smaller. A larger book gives the words more room to breathe - and of course we can fit more stuff in. The largest size we can have is US letter, but that's boring. So I'm recommending you plump for the 7.5" x 9.25" option, giving us an oversized book with a nicely squarish feel.

Designwise, think scrapbook. Originally I planned for each writer to have their own section or chapter.. but the curious girl liberated me from such a dull concept. Instead, a pix-n-mix, a litter, a seemingly random assortment. Sound good? Each piece can be labelled with the writer's handle, or perhaps you lot would like to supply icons or other identifying tattoos? Then at the end we can tie everybody down with a little biog or something. If you like.

Get yr comments a-rolling....

Posted at 12:16 pm by Diz
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Wednesday, June 23, 2004
The Art of Blogging

With an enticing title like that, you'd think I was offering to hand out gold nuggets. But nahh, there is no get-rich-quickness to be found here. Just a trail of thought...

Why do you blog?

To meet like-minded people? To purge yourself of pain? To share your heart? To complain about the weather? To distract yourself from the fact that you're alive? To rant? To giggle? To inspire or be inspired? To fill an empty hour? To flirt with coy abandon? To proclaim the gospel of you? To be like everyone else? To be like no-one else? To express yourself? To create? To destroy? To bitch or accept? To learn? To share? To be a part, or apart? To juggle with your thoughts? To stamp your foot across the world? To ask questions or answer them? To feed your narcissism or battle your shyness? To release what must be released?


Some blogs are funky or funny. Some are a waste of bandwith, barely worth even the time it takes to ignore them. Some blogs are simply windows on people's lives; the good, the bad and the illiterate. (And that's no slur; everyone is entitled to be who they are. And literacy is merely education.) But some, oh yes some, rise above the mundane or the transient and become blogs of beauty.

('Blogs of Beauty'.. I should trademark that expression right now. Hands off!)

I'm not sure I would have continued to write on here were it not for the joy of discovering that my thoughts and feelings were not only accepted, but welcomed. And welcomed by people whose writings touch me with a kind of awe. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I have fallen in love with a new form of literature, one which is honest and raw and beautiful. The literature of existence, the art of saying 'this is me, I feel like shit, I want to be kissed, how could he treat me this way, the sunset was breathtaking...'

I believe that people's hearts are more important than their words. Emotions and thoughts - confusions, pains and delights - are what counts. If you can't adequately express how you feel, that merely means you lack a skill. Most people get by, and it's not a good idea to judge someone by their punctuation, no matter how madly Eats, Shoots And Leaves hits the bestseller lists.

Yet there are bloggers who express themselves so perfectly that I'm often left open-mouthed and wordless at their ability to fix a thought in place. You can ride their words like a horse, gently trotting - or galloping with furious passion - through the places of their mind. Storms and sunny skies, graveyards and theme parks... Their journal a shared journey.

Yes, it's art. But only if it's real. Only if it's honest. Otherwise it's just candy.

Excuse me while I vanish up my own arse. Writing this entry makes me smell pretentious. Perhaps I am. Then again I'm only expressing how I feel. Naive little me, innocently using the first word that pops into me 'ead... Best not to be too self-conscious about it and just WRITE...

Posted at 04:25 am by Diz
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