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Monday, July 12, 2004
Disorderly queues

This is incredible.. We're getting sooooo many people signing up for the book. Heh, we should charge admission...

Hopefully some copy should start trickling in soon. You don't have to send everything at once - our deadline is very flexible. But we're itching to start designing pages, so send what you can, in little packets tied up with string if you like.

If you're not sure what to submit, try sending us a great wad of stuff; your humble editors will sift through and attempt to pluck out the brightest gems - with much wild argument and throwing of breakable objects. Should be a lot of fun! *ducks coffee mug*

Enough is never enough. We're aiming to fill a book of about 150 pages. (Somehow!) That will make the cover price around $12 - give or take my dodgy mathematics. That's about 7 in English-type money. Delivery comes extra but it shouldn't make you wince unless you live outside the US - but hopefully we'll work something out there.

Does that sound like a reasonable price to you? Would YOU pay twelve measly dollars for such a work of art? Too expensive? Too damned cheap? Comments and price advice from the book-buying bloggers amongst you would be much appreciated.

I've had a wild idea for the book layout. Oh yes. But I'm not gonna breathe a word till the copy starts flying in.. so SEND YOUR STUFF.

Feel good factor: 9.6

Posted at 12:37 am by Diz

July 13, 2004   04:53 AM PDT
What sort of word count are you thinking of for submissions?

My flashes of genius are woefully short...

...and often end in my own climax and not neccessarily that of my reader...

...but I can do it several times in a row if required...

...what were we talking about again?
July 12, 2004   11:01 PM PDT
Best be getting crackin' on my part. But nothing is good enough, HELP! OPINIONS PLEASE ('specially diz, LG and shoulder, 'cause they read it most). Critique welcome!! Dear GOD, is it ever.

*bear hugs and slobbery kisses*
July 12, 2004   03:19 AM PDT
I think that's a good price... Not too cheap and not too expensive!!

'tis good... I think I have an idea what to send now. I just gotta polish it up a bit!
July 12, 2004   01:56 AM PDT
One word:



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