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"If we lived on the same street, in the same state, we could terrorize the neighborhood with our poetry and scream metaphors into their mailboxes and leave inspiring quotes tucked under their windshield wipers." - Firepixie

Sunday, July 04, 2004
The Beauty Bunch

"And to each their allotted tasks were assigned..."

Co-Editor, Writer, Public Relations Director, Human Resources Manager, Cartwheels and Inspiration.

Co-Editor, Writer, Typesetting and Design, Technicalities and person wot thought up this mad idea in the first place.

Lost Girl
Writer, Inspiration and Enthusiam Team Leader, Cookie Procurement.

Writer, Creative Possibilities Manager, 2nd Tier Administration, Unfailing Encouragement.

... updates to this list as and when....

Posted at 12:32 am by Diz

Dr. God
July 5, 2004   10:41 PM PDT
I'll take the ruins of the Oracle of Delphi...
July 5, 2004   12:49 PM PDT
*munches LG's cookies*

I'll take a little roof in London, if no one minds.

July 5, 2004   06:58 AM PDT
With the talent we got gathered here, world domination may be a possibility after all. (I'll take the Isle Of Wight if that's okay with everyone.)
July 4, 2004   09:21 PM PDT
*cookies for everyone*
Dr. God
July 4, 2004   09:13 PM PDT
I am very willing to draw up a few designs as well as write my few words...
July 4, 2004   08:29 PM PDT
cool to see it all pull together. so, now wondering... who's next?

looking good diz :).

shoulder (from BoB)
July 4, 2004   08:01 PM PDT
PR? Lordy. I need to make some friends, then..!

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