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-- blogs of beauty...a scrapbook of fragments of beautiful people.--

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"If we lived on the same street, in the same state, we could terrorize the neighborhood with our poetry and scream metaphors into their mailboxes and leave inspiring quotes tucked under their windshield wipers." - Firepixie

Friday, July 02, 2004
You gotta submit

Here's the Blogs of Beauty Submissions Policy - subject as always to the whims and foibles of editorial perversity.

1} All writing is welcome. Poetry, prose, thoughts, tales, rants, delights... Ideally you'll be submitting stuff that has already been (or could be) posted to your blog - but this isn't a hard and fast rule. We want to capture the flavour of you. Because we adore you.

2} Style guide? There isn't one. Please don't conform to any imagined notion of what 'being published' means. Treat this book as an extension of your blog; words spilling off the screen and onto paper. We are looking for honest emotion; raw feeling, sculpted love, bitter beauty... Insights, revelations, ideas, confusions, heartbeats, rage, joy... Chances are, you KNOW exactly what we mean - because you are already there.

3} Length? Not a clue, up to you. But in keeping with the scrapbook idea, we'd prefer a fistful of short entries to a sprawling epic. This is not a short story competition and there are no rules except those you impose upon yourself. (A single sentence may take pride of place on an otherwise blank page!) So rummage through your trunk and pluck out some goodies. One is okay, a few is good; lots is doubleplusgood. The more pieces you send, the more pieces of this puzzle we'll have to play with.

4} Editorial perogative? You guessed it, we ain't got none. We will NOT, under any circumstances, edit, alter or mess with your writing in any way. We don't have that right. Needless to say, we will not censor - and in the unlikely event that we choke on a word or phrase, we will talk to you about it. (We MAY correct a blatent spelling mistake, but don't count on it. Check your own damn spelling!)

5} Format? Hmmm... That's open house. Emails cut-n-pasted from your blog, Word documents, Mac-ridden text files. The high and mighty may even send us Quark documents or PDFs. If fonts or layout are important to you, tell us and we will try to respect your desires. (Note: Poetry will be typeset as closely as possible to your original - because all poems have a shape...)

5a} Images of you..? We're hoping to be able to include graphics and stuff too. Depends on the Cafépress print process. Line art (solid black/white) is definitely okay, but we're waiting to hear if greyscale and shading will come out nicely or just create a horrible splodge. Stay tuned for that one.

6} Copyright? Is yours. We don't own nuffin; your words are your words - and this book is yours too. Feel free to include any disclaimers or copyright statements; we'll plop them on a page, no problem. Just covering all bases here - we have no major plans for world domination at this time.

7} About the author? It's not mandatory, but it would be cool to include brief biogs of all our contributors. Probably at the end of the book.. or the beginning.. or even in the middle... (*getting design ideas here, ummm..*) ... So consider writing a few words about yourself (or cut-n-paste from your blog profile). Could be truth, could be lies, doesn't matter. It's YOU. Oh, and if you're into SP (Shameless Publicity), we'll be happy to include your web address, email, PO Box number or whatever, as part of your profile thing.

8} What have I forgotten?

9} Ready to submit? Go HERE to send us your delicious stuff.

And... thank you. :)

Posted at 11:23 pm by Diz

July 8, 2005   09:45 AM PDT
Hmm seems all that was needed - is here %))
August 26, 2004   06:43 PM PDT
My favorite part of this whole guide is the phrase "We MAY correct a blatent spelling mistake, but don't count on it. Check your own damn spelling!" It made me laugh. Now that's irony!
July 17, 2004   03:53 AM PDT
Yep, noted and fixed on the submissions form. Thankee. :)
July 13, 2004   06:48 AM PDT
#8 as an addendum to #7, the webpage of the author's blog.

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