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"If we lived on the same street, in the same state, we could terrorize the neighborhood with our poetry and scream metaphors into their mailboxes and leave inspiring quotes tucked under their windshield wipers." - Firepixie

Monday, September 06, 2004

First and foremost, apologies for the delays (with cherries on top, and big puppy eyes).  Whilst the project is still very much going ahead, Diz has other commitments at present and is finding it hard to squeeze in time; as capable as I am (heh) there's only so much I can do without his publishing typesetting editorial skills.

Secondly, yes you can still submit!  I still haven't, and so there's no need to panic just yet.  Send us your wonderful words (although I should point out that they go to Diz's mailbox and therefore I won't be able to look at them until he's back).

Thirdly, sorry again.

Much love,

Blogs-Of-Beauty team (Anna)


PS from Dizville:

Patience! Stay tuned! News at 11!


Posted at 10:56 pm by curiositygirl

September 7, 2004   03:48 PM PDT
*ahem* you know I have Quark Xpress?
September 7, 2004   01:01 AM PDT
Quit apologizing! You have a life, it's understandable. It's that...y'know...I don't. And therefore visit this site very often hoping for something new to read after going through the other blogs that I frequent. lol

I might submit some new stuff. I'm not really sure.

Bug Diz for the password or get him to send it all to you.

Hugz n kissz.
September 7, 2004   12:58 AM PDT
thanks Anna :). I'm glad to know it's not only me who hasn't submitted yet! haha. soon though... I am collecting the collected words in a collective collection.


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