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"If we lived on the same street, in the same state, we could terrorize the neighborhood with our poetry and scream metaphors into their mailboxes and leave inspiring quotes tucked under their windshield wipers." - Firepixie

Saturday, July 17, 2004
Submissions form is up and running

Now we're getting somewhere. The Blogs Of Beauty submissions form is now live and (hopefully) kicking. Please use it to send stuff you want included in the book.

Because cut and paste is a pain in the ass (and the arse), I think it'll be easier for everyone if you just tell us the blog entries you want included and let us grab them ourselves. Give us the URLs (permalinks) on the form and we'll do the rest.

If you have non-blog writings you wanna include, use the form to copy+paste - or use the email address there to send via email.

The form is here. Please let us know if you have any trouble with it. We aim to pleeeze.

Snugs and benedictions... xx

Posted at 03:06 am by Diz

August 3, 2004   03:28 AM PDT
I'll be submitting soon; I promise...

I had one first draft version of what I wanted printed out (it was ridiculously long; something like 10 pages?) but knew I had to cut. Then while I was gone, the computer it was on died. Harddrive is completely fried. So I have to retype the whole bloody thing (most of it was from my "real" paper journal) and I got back today. I have little to no engery, but I swear, I'll submit soon. Hopefully before I leave again.

July 31, 2004   10:50 PM PDT
A little thing, on the form, could you change the link to submission policy so it opens in a new page, just in case...
July 23, 2004   03:48 PM PDT
Officially worry-free. Mucho thanks. Take care.

July 22, 2004   02:40 PM PDT
Bella, sent you email. All things received here, worry not.
July 21, 2004   11:54 PM PDT
Hey Diz, only got one e-mail. I sent the others earlier this week, late last week (not too sure), and I didn't get an e-mail. ...Are you sure you didn't get it?
July 21, 2004   05:03 PM PDT
Bella, you shoulda received emails of acknowledgment and such... Lemme know if you didn't, I'll break some heads. Starting with mine.

Diz x
July 21, 2004   03:49 PM PDT
I submitted on two separate forms, cuz LG urged me to submit one I wrote last night. So the one with the, like, four entries, has all my good info on it about me for that author bio thingy. The other was just to send you the other entry.

...Um... Yeah. I think that makes sense enough. If not, hunt me down and make me speak actual coherent words.
Dr. God
July 17, 2004   04:46 AM PDT
I'll overload you all with entries, poetry, and sketches as soon as I find a bit of free time.

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